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Update info. progress has been made

This is an update, mostly duplicate of FaceBook. I started writing it Saturday, Sept. 29 and finished it tonight.

My balance, stamina and etc. improve every day. I am still going up stairs one at a time but physical therapy is aimed toward making my legs stronger, especially the prosthetic side. The exercised I'm doing are: leg pulls' (elastic band attached to wall at ankle height, pull in a controlled way all directions, 30 at a time, on both legs); squats with a bar/counter, 'toe-ups', Step-ups both facing the step and step to the side (up, making sure I lift the prosthetic side high enough and squarely, then slowly back down with sound leg). And we added time on a exercycle to get more strength and stamina in both legs.

I get steadier and steadier on my feet, I no longer feel that I'm off balance. Going up or down stairs one at a time is not scary any more, so I'm' back home. Shower seat is upstairs. We went shopping today, I was able to walk farther with comfort than I thought I could because all the carts were out at WalMart.

Interim visit to prosthetist today to show him video of bobble I was making when I walk. He made adjustments and it feels better now. Tomorrow back to PT, yaay.

Things are going well, have cleaned more parts of the second floor bathroom and will continue to make improvements. I want to bring up my 'rubber plant' up there to live on the counter. the room has lots of light, even in the winter and moisture too.

I need to bring the commode seat upstairs, when I have my leg off I am too hard on the toilet getting up. That toilet is secure but on top of a very uneven floor, so I want help it out.

And tomorrow afternoon we will reattain a bed-free dining room. Need to take the new bottle of Old English down and work over the table we got at the neighborhood garage sale (it has been on the porch since then). Then we need to attain chairs.

I am getting stronger at walking, it is getting more comfortable to wear Peggy Sue (yes, I named it). Comfort is a matter of feeling how it is wearing, if there is too much room I need to add a layer or two of prosthetic socks. So far, I haven’t had to reduce them except from day to day.

Today, for example, I wore her most of the day except for laying down for a nap. It was hard to take her off as I am getting ready for bed. Tomorrow, after PT I may want to taker her off for a while, as the sessions have been making my knee ache (still getting used to the weight, etc. after an absence of such for a long while).

I moved upstairs Saturday after 138 days either in hospital (12 days in hospital) and the rest living in the dining room where a rented hospital bed was placed.

YAAY, we get our dining room back. They will be getting it tomorrow, Tuesday. And move the rest of my crap upstairs in pieces so it is all together back here. I have a walker up here for night bathroom trips, I am getting the rollator walker upstairs tomorrow, too, so I have something to sit on when I'm washing stuff like my shrinkers and socket liner.

Progress is being made to 'back to normal' for new values of normal. Yum! is. as always, still dismayed at everything new and different, and skittish, Angelina is going, 'oh, the other naked ape is back upstairs and AT HOME, I can beg her for food every time she goes to the bathroom!" Siggie and Ripley are going to miss the hospital bed, every time I've been downstairs today, they have been sleeping on it. I have removed all but the sheet and 'cushion' blanket I was using, plus there is a surplus pillow that I will bring back up here.

I'm going to be emptying out my closet, getting rid of as much unnecessary crap as possible (there is at least one box of garb that is plastic, can be removed to the basement after I make sure I have anything I use out of it -- RenFest stuff only. Then I'm going to be getting rid of excess clothing, a) I have too much and b) I'm firmly into 1X size now, not bigger. I'm sure I have some things still that I had when I was way larger, too.

All in all, I'm approaching happy right now. Things are coming to a better place.

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Since I don't auto cross-post between FB and here.

I was RELEASED by the surgeon today, he said it looked really good. He was happy I was walking too. His assistant nearly burst into tears when he saw me walking toward him! Dr. Gary Go is a good surgeon with a good patient demeanor, I would recommend that if you need orthopedic surgery (I think he is a leg/foot specialist...) try to go to him. When I told him that I was doing this, he said, "No amputation! NO. Regular surgery yes!"

So PT and the prosthetist are my only ongoing thing, the prosthetist will be a long-term relationship. And I need to schedule a check-in/physical with my regular doc for November.

My leg is tired but there is no redness. I wore it for almost 5 hours today by the time I made it home (2 of my 2hrs 3x/day....). Will probably put it on long enough to shuffle cars when Jim gets home.

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Some photos/updates

My stump. Almost all healed.

And two legs!

I'm going to do something about the pylon, it is metal so I can add .... something. The shoe can be changed, there is a latex-ish foot and sock inside BUT it has to have the same heel angle as this pair. And I'm going to get a spandex sleeve made of a piece of Rachel Mayo's to cover the upper part.

Tomorrow going to start doing my 1 hour/three times a day as per the prosthetist's schedule since there has been no undue irritation to my stump.

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Update for those who do not do FBq

The wound is sufficiently healed that I can start to break in my prosthetic leg. Here's the photo Doc Paisley took. Also note the stylish SFWA T-shirt.

It felt good, though a bit strange. And I will have to do work to learn to use it effectively. Onward and upward.

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Knitting/bead Books people might want

(this is going to be cross-posted from my Facebook page)
I am sorting through my desk upstairs right, after getting all recyclables corralled, etc. and found two craft/art books that folks might want who read here.

1) Knit Socks by Betsy Lee McCarthy, I paid $14.95
2) Beader's Companion by Durante and Campbell, $19.95 -- This one is more for beaded embroidery, bead weaving and other tiny beadwork, not the kind of thing I do. I did not realize that when I bought it.

If you want them, make a bid and remember I'll have to pay about $5 to ship 'em. I will stop taking bids midnight, August 23. I take paypal, checks and cash.
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And had to give up for the night, after a couple of rounds of almost fall-out-ot-the-chair* laughter. It is (somewhat) autobiographical book by Jenny, The Bloggess. I will write a better review, I swear, after I finish. Right now it is almost bed time so i need to catch my breath, settle down, etc.

* this should not happen while I'm alone because it will be a bitch for met to get back up off the floor... and the Doc is upstairs.

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Good news on the healing front

My Visiting Nurse Physical Therapist has released me until I get my prosthetic! With instructions to keep up the good work/exercising as prescribed and increasing the exercise as prescribed.


I'm feeling great, I'm sorta bored, but good things may come of it.

Onward and upward (well, I think I'm getting fitted for a temporary prosthetic next week, then it takes some time to make it...). I want to be ambulatory again AND sleeping on my pillow-top bed again. On my side.

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More progress

The staples (stitches) came out today AND I got the prescription for the prosthetist, so i can start getting ready for a new foot.

WOOT. I am so ready.

On another note, we also found an easier (not as intuitive) way to get off and back on the porch pre-ramp (ramp/new steps are coming, just not here yet). It involves the piers on the front steps, and worked pretty damn well this morning.

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